Jetserver shared web hosting – email terms of service:

General Restrictions

  1. Sending email from the server – each domain is limited to sending 500 messages per hour. If you try to exceed this limit, most messages will return to you (“BOUNCE”) with a sending error.
  2. Retrieving  POP3 messages – most of our servers are limited to 60 pop3 per hour for each domain defined in the account. If you try to exceed this limit, you will likely receive an error message that warns you of an incorrect username or password when you will try to retrieve email messages from your account. As soon as the hour passes, the counter will reset and you can retrieve mail again.
  3. Each mailing list of more than 5,000 recipients will require a different hosting solution from Jetserver. Note: Dividing one large list into smaller lists to meet server restrictions is prohibited.

    Mailing Lists – Rules and Restrictions

  4. As part of the shared hosting package, you are authorized to create mailing lists. However, you must comply with a number of rules – It is important to understand that large mailing lists consume a lot of CPU resources, so they need to be configured wisely so that they consume as little processor time as possible – you need to set up your mailing program in such a way that you send your mail distribution at intervals that will allow you to send at least one e-mail message every 6 seconds. If you do not configure your mail program to deploy mail distribution, and try to send 500 emails for that purpose, the software will try to send them all at the same time. This is not possible in terms of the server and will cause processor consumption to rise to 100% and not decrease until the process is completed. Once the processor increases to 100%, the server becomes virtually unavailable and all other sites and services hosted on the server are also disabled. Hosting accounts that will cause high processor consumption due to improperly sending mail will be blocked immediately, may be blocked permanently.
  5. We recommend the software “PHPlist” for mail distribution.
  6. Sending a mailing list over 900 mails is allowed only outside peak hours to avoid overloads. We recommend sending your emails between 12:00 and 06:00 in the morning.
  7. You may not send to a mailing list that you have been granted or purchased by you. We consider it as spam because the recipients never personally agreed to send mail to them (we do not care how you justify it). Accounts that sent spam will be blocked immediately.
  8. Using DARKMAILER style programs that send direct mail via SMTP to other servers is strictly prohibited. All mail must be out of the localhost (SMTP) service of our servers.
  9. Sending emails and mailing lists must comply with the strict guidelines set by the law. The  law contained many prohibitions on websites in the form of e-commerce and commercial e-mail advertising, namely spam. The law also prohibits sending advertising messages via e-mail, adding special conditions through which email can be sent without breaking the law. New legislation also allowed junk mail recipients to file class actions against the spammer, in proceedings that could amount to billions of Dollars in claims.
  10. No direct SMTP mailers allowed. An example is DarkMailer. Each mail should be transmitted through the local MTA (localhost: 25) for additional delivery by the server and not done directly by scripts.