SEO Web Hosting

SEO Hosting X 8

8 Different C-CLASS At Your Choice

Monthly Payment[currency amount=”499″]\Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Backup Management Interface
  • 20000MB Storage
  • 550000MB Traffic
  • Private NS Servers

SEO Hosting X 6

6 Different C-CLASS At Your Choice

Monthly Payment[currency amount=”410″]\Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Backup Management Interface
  • 15000MB Storage
  • 450000MB Traffic
  • Private NS Servers

SEO Hosting X 4

4 Different C-CLASS At Your Choice

Monthly Payment[currency amount=”349″]\Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Backup Management Interface
  • 10000MB Storage
  • 350000MB Traffic
  • Private NS Servers

SEO Web Hosting (Hosting for Search Engine Optimisation)

With Site Optimization website hosting plans, you can create an accounts with a separate IP addresses (with a different C-CLASS). SEO hosting is an excellent way to promote your website in Google and companies in the field of SEO recommend building a set of quality “satellite sites”. We will provide you with all the tools for success – the RISLER interface (WHM), the branded private name servers (NS) and a crazy support team !

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What Are We Working with ?

The Basic Solution for Shared Servers
  • LiteSpeed Based Web Servers
  • EXIM Mail Server
  • Independent DNS Management Per Server
  • A variety of PHP Versions to Choose from Per Account
  • MariaDB Data Base
  • CloudLinux Operating System
Management Panel
  • cPanel Management Panel
  • Quick and Easy Softaculous Installations
  • JetBackup User Friendly Backup Array
  • Replace PHP Versions with a Click

Switching Between PHP Versions Has Never Been Easier !

Each server comes with a PHP Selector from CloudLinux. We support all versions of PHP 5 and of course PHP 7. You can change versions independently using a few clicks at the management panel.

Installing Web Platforms With a Click !

With the Softaculous installation system, you can easily install common systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. We support installations of more than 250 web platforms. Softaculous also supports updates and alerts for new versions.

The Best Backup System in the World

Our backup system JetBackup is implemented on all servers. You can restore your account independently from the management panel with a few clicks. Recovery is for the entire account, for a single file / folder, for restoring settings such as DNS, CRONS, SSL certificates, recovery to a single database. Also – you can independently create a SnapShot to your account !

WHy Are We the BEST Hosting Company?

Assistance With Domain Redirection

We will gladly assist you with pointing your domain to our servers. Submit a support ticket and our support team will be at your service.

Install Web Platform with One Click

You account is ready for work? It’s time to install a web platform. You have a choice of more than 200 web platforms ready for immediate installation, with a click.

Instant Activation

Finished the acquisition process? Your account will be active immediately at time of purchase. You will receive an email back with all the access details.

Last 12 Months

Last Month

High Availability With a 99.9% Monthly average

Internet traffic is regulated by strict information security by a variety of high-quality, cutting edge products controlled 24 hours a day by communications and information security experts.The server array is based on VMware technology with a complete NETAPP STORAGE.

PHP Programmers as Part of the Support Staff

We are the only company that employs 2 full-time senior PHP programmers as part of the escalation support system. Complex website issues which the initial support level can not resolve? The senior PHP programmers will continue with further testing until the issues are resolved.

Tech Support by Phone

Any questions? We’d love to talk to you about it.


People Answering to People

Human response by a professional and skilled support staff.

Peace of Mind Working With Common Web Platforms

Working with common management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and the like? Our servers are fully optimized for these systems, with the highest standards. There is no problem with write permissions for files, a selection of PHP versions to replace at a click of a button, changing PHP common values from the user interface and more.


Out of This World User Experience with the Best Hosting Management Panel

Managing your hosting account has never been easier. With cPanel management panel, you can perform advanced account actions with just a few clicks.

File management, database management, domain settings, editing DNS records, etc…