Fast Disaster Recovery

With the right management of the backups you actually enjoy the ability to recover quickly and easily! A few clicks at the management panel, or some commands at a stand alone backup server.

Real Time Recovery

Shared hosting customers can browse through the backup and instantly restore a single item (file, directory) directly from the management panel and in a few clicks, without waiting and dealing with a full account backup.

Your life Preserver

Have you accidentally edited a file? Content management system update failed? Have you updated the design template and the website has been broken? With Jetbackup you can go back in time for the site to continue working! Backup is the best rescue wheel you have in this case.

Extended Backup Service for Shared Hosting Customers

We back up all shared hosting packages for hosting accounts with up to 5GB of data at no additional cost. If you exceed 5GB of data in your hosting account, you can purchase the extended backup service and pay only for the exception. For your peace of mind, you can purchase the service before you reach the exception and if your account has not exceeded 5GB data, you will not be charged until you reach the amount of data that is considered an exception.