How to Order Extended Backup Service?

Extended Backup is a paid service is for shared hosting JetServer customers whose used disk space exceeds 5 GB.

Since the backup services are free up to 5GB, the charge will be calculated only to the hosting exceeding 5GB. For example, an account that reached 6GB will be charged for the additional 1GB.

How to order?

Please log in to our customer portal at:

Click Services:

How to Order Extended Backup Service?

Choose (by clickint) the service for which you would like to purchase extended backup:

How to Order Extended Backup Service?

Under “Addons and Extras” you can see Extra Backups. Click on Purchase and Activate:

How to Order Extended Backup Service?

You will then come to the shopping cart with 0 charge. The situation is correct because the system has not yet calculated the total volume needed for the backups. The full calculation will be made at the end of the same month if there is an exception. If there is no deviation exceeding 5GB disk space, you will not be charged.

You can purchase the service even before reaching the exception and if there is an exception in the future your account will continue to be backed up.

Questions? You can contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you !