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CSR Certificate Preparation

CSR Certificate Preparation How do I get the certificate I have purchased? Install the SSL Certificate on cPanel Server What is CSR? “Certificate Signing Request”. Simply put, this is a request for the SSL certificate we produce on our server. We send the request to the company from which we purchase the SSL certificate, and […]

What is Alpha SSL?

SSL secures your website and protects your customers. SSL security is essential, but it does not have to be expensive! AlphaSSL allows you to display the green lock (which symbolizes a secure browser connection for your website visiters and users) in all popular browsers and mobile devices. This means that all your transactions and customer […]

SSL Installation Guide

Note: Only Jetserver’s shared hosting clients with an advanced hosting plan can use our SSL product! In the next tutorial we will learn how to install SSL security certificate independently on cPanel servers. The process will be illustrated by screen shots of the purchased SSL certificate (completely genuine) and installed by the client. The process is divided into […]

What if I Need a Private IP Address?

Our advanced hosting plan includes a private IP address, SSL certificate, and a gift domain. If you are an existing customer, you can contact our sales department to upgrade your hosting package. Upgrading the hosting package is done immediately, the site activity is not compromised during the upgrade. Relevant Links: Order an Advanced Hosting Plan. […]