Secure Hosting | SSL Certificate | SSL Encryption Key

אחסון אתרים SSLAs part of our site hosting program, you can enjoy increased security of your site by installing an SSL encryption key in combination with a unique IP address (personal).

So what is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL creates a secure communication channel between the user and the hosting server.

How does this actually happen? It verifies that the server you are connected to is the server you should be connected to. Second, it creates an encrypted and secure communication between the suer and the hosting server. The information transmitted on the network (can be an HTML page and can also be an e-mail message) can pass many “hands” (servers, routers and other communication channels) on the way from the server until it reaches the user. SSL encrypts the information in such a way that only those who are supposed to receive the information can actually read it. For all sorts of other factors on the way, it will appear as encrypted information that the only thing which can be done with it is simply move it safely to the destination point.

This is especially useful when credit card transactions are performed and when entering protected areas (e.g management panel) on the site and more.

You can order an SSL certificate using the following link – Purchase SSL.

Please note that customers who use our web hosting service and wish to secure their site through SSL also need to purchase a unique IP address for their website.

Beyond using SSL, your own unique IP address increases your credibility with search engines. IP address is one of the components that affect the position of the site in search engines and helps to better ranking in the search engines.