How Long Will it Take to Open a Hosting Account?

For credit card payers the hosting accounts are opened immediately and automatically by our Clients management system. We also provided you with automatic installation of web platforms of popular open source such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, PHPBB Forum, Magento and more. In the process of opening an account, you can specify that you want to install one of the platforms and your site will be ready to work immediately.

For check / bank transfer payers, the hosting account will open 3 business days after receipt of payment / check revenue. You can contact our sales department for special authorization to pre-open your account. In any case the hosting account opening will have to be done manually by a staff member.

Our automated installation system can install software for your site.
When you open your hosting account – your website will be ready to work with the software you selected!

WordPress Drupal Joomla phpBB Magento