Customer Account – General Explenation

Once hosting packages are established, WHM accounts can be set up for clients. A client account is actually a client site hosted in the reseller program: client site files, databases, subdomains, e-mail accounts and email redirections.

Each client account in the reseller program must be associated with one of the hosting packages set up in the system. Associating a client account with a hosting package can occur in one of two options:

  1. New site under construction: It is not always possible to know the dimensions of the client site when it is in the stage of construction and therefore, the size of the final site (volume) and the site’s traffic probability should be estimated in order to associate a suitable hosting package.
    In any case, even if the site exceeds the limits of the assigned hosting package, it is always possible to upgrade the client account to a larger package. Also, if the hosting package does not justify the volume of the site and the traffic, it is always possible to lower the customer’s account into a suitable package.
  2. A site that is transferred from another storage company to your reseller account: It is always recommended to move the site files from the previous hosting when they are compressed in a ZIP folder (neither RAR nor 7zip). In this situation, consider that the weight of the ZIP files should match the hosting package, so if, for example, the ZIP is 120 MB, you will not allocate a maximum hosting capacity of 100 MB.
    However, consider another fact: if, for example, you have allocated a 150 MB hosting package to a 120 MB compressed ZIP site, you will still not be able to deploy the site’s files from the ZIP, since the weight of ZIP, along with the weight of the site files, is exceeding the maximum volume of the hosting package. In this situation, it is recommended to set the client account to a hosting package of at least 300 MB and after extracting the files from the ZIP, delete the ZIP file and lower the client account into a hosting with a lower maximum volume.