Customer Account – Suspend / Unsuspend

The Suspend / Unsuspend an Account option is designed for a client’s account to enter a suspension state or a suspended client’s account which should be unsuspended.

Unlike client account termination, suspending a client account blocks the following options for the user:

  • Website access
  • Website management
  • cPaenl access
  • FTP usage
  • Email accounts usage.

Canceling the account’s suspension will grant the user all of these option.

To do this, access WHM to Accounts Fuctions and choose the Suspend / Unsuspend an Account option:

Customer Account - Suspension

At the following page, choose the account which should be suspended or unsuspended:

Customer Account - Suspension

Click the relevant button:
Suspend – Client’s account suspension.
Unsuspend – Client’s account unsuspend.