What are the Differences Between the Reseller Program, the Business and the Advanced?

When purchasing the Reseller program, the user is promoted from the position of a site owner in a shared hosting to the status of a hosting manager. Therefore, we will refer to Ressler as a hosting manager, whether it’s just his own web hosting, or hosting his clients.

Resler acquires hosting space and bandwidth from Jetserver, which he assigns to his clients at his discretion. It is up to the Reseller to decide which hosting packages to define in his client management system, what the characteristics of those hosting packages will be, and what prices to charge.

In fact, Jetserver provides its reseller with an independent platform to manage their own hosting company. The main goal of our reseller programs is to allow you to sell hosting services without the need to purchase these services separately.

We emphasize that although the site hosting plans: business and advanced, allow unlimited storage of domains, there are significant differences between the behavior of reseller, and the behavior as a site owner in the shared hosting system:

  Site Owner – Shared Hostin Reseller
Management System One cPanel for all domains together. Adding a domain to the cPanel system is done using AddonDomain WHM + cPanel is separate for each domain. Adding a domain to the WHM system is done by opening a client account and assigning it to a hosting package defined by the reseller
Resources Unlimited Domains, unlimited hosting volume for all domains, no traffic restrictions Total hosting capacity and overall traffic are pre-defined by the reseller program (small, medium, large). Each domain in the account is subject to volume and traffic settings for the hosting package it was set up by the reseller
Resource Consumption Shared hosting resource consumption is calculated at the level of all sites in it. Although we do not restrict storage, volume, and traffic, we monitor processor consumption of the cPanel account according to the Terms of Service Hosting resource usage is calculated individually for each domain. A domain that exceeds the hosting volume or traffic allocated to it in the hosting package will be upgraded by the reseller to a larger storage package or handled locally and all at the discretion of the reseller
Customer Management All domains, (all sites, all databases, all mail accounts, all FTP accounts) are managed under one cPanel account Each domain (including database, mail accounts, FTP accounts) is managed independently under its own cPanel account – disconnected from other customers’ cPanel accounts
Account Access Signing in to cPanel allows free access to all sites in the program. It is not possible to give the customer individual access to his site Each customer can access his or her site’s cPanel account and manage independently of the rest of the sites in the reseller account, its database files, databases, mail accounts, etc
Information Security All sites are held in a single cPanel account, so a hack to a cPanel account will endanger all the sites in it Do not put all the eggs in one basket… A security breach in one site’s cPanel account will not endanger the rest of the sites in the reseller account
Backup and Restore Backup is performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for each cPanel account. If there is a need to restore one of the sites in the shared account, the recovery will be made to all sites without exception, whether or not an update has been made Backup is performed daily, weekly and monthly, for each cPanel account separately. Therefore, restoring a site will be specific to that site and there will be no situation where restoring one site will affect the other site data
Branding Nonexistent  Branding using a unique DNS of the reseller, according to its URL. Graphic branding using a private design for cPanel accounts

* cPanel Branding by Reseller *

cPanel Branding by Reseller