Reseller Account – Private DNS

Unlike the shared hosting, as part of the reseller’s branding, you will be able to redirect your customers’ domains to private NameServers. The nameservers include the primary domain name of the reseller.

All domains that are hosted in your reseller account will be redirected to the name servers you have configured. The default setting is –

You can see the settings at the WHM interface –

Reseller Account - Private DNS

As mentioned above, the DNS addresses are based on the reseller’s domain name (the primary site):

Reseller Account - Private DNS

Note: Each name server must have an record A record on the domain that points to the domain.
This can be defined using the EDIT DNS ZONE of the reseller’s interface.

Updating Your Customers’ Domains

Referring your customer domains (reseller clients) will be done with the company (the registrar) where the domain was purchased. Your client’s domain will point to your private NameServers. We recommend that you update DNS addresses to the client’s domain only after the site files and database have been moved to the reseller account and the site has been reviewed before forwarding DNS using Hosts File Manipulation.

Guides to help you define domains at registrars –
Guide to checking a site using Hosts File Manipulation (before the domain was redirected) –

Please note: Updating DNS records is a process of 24 – 72 hours.