Do you Support RAID?

RAID is a method where multiple hard drives are combined into one logical unit. This consolidation allows parallel access to multiple drives, which improves the speed of work (the burden is distributed over multiple disks), and redundant data retention, which allows you to recover lost data. There are different methods for managing the array of drives. These methods are called RAID levels and each provides different advantages.

The operating system and applications running on the computer refer to the RAID array as a single hard drive and do not need to be managed. Typically, RAID management is responsible for a hardware component or a dedicated software component. The RAID on Jetserver’s servers is always at the hardware level, we do not work with SOFTWARE RAID.

Typically, all disks connected to an array are of the same type and have the same storage capacity.

All of our dedicated / shared servers work at least in a RAID 1 configuration, and some servers work in a RAID 5 configuration.

All disks are “removable” in the HOTSWAP configuration, so that a server failure is not expected in the event of a material failure on one of the discs.

Our servers have a system that alerts us in the event of a material failure and we handle it immediately.

All of our servers are backed up according to service contracts, 4-hour response time, 24/7. Usually hardware malfunctions are handled within an hour.